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Building Eugene

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My build starts with a 94 Xj named Eugene.
I have known this rig since it was new and used to park across the street from my dads place.
I gal named Anna Banana ( I am not kidding ) bought it new
latter she gave it to her friend Kat who I mow for...when Anna passed recently, she left Kat her 2012 ford! I asked what she was gonna do with her jeep? She said do you want it? I said yea you bet!!!!

so until now I have GMs and toyotas,
but I love this little wagon!
so this jeep looks like it never had a wax job but I know that it was brought in for service regularly to the stealership

Also I don't think that it was ever cleaned interior wise

I got a turd to polish and boy did I

I added a cheap stereo from the Wal place
then I made a shifter knob
"I introduce the Twinkie shifter"

Now 3 coats of wax and an interior shampoo and it looks good
the engine runs great,,, so mods next......?
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Nice pics.
If your stock leafs are in good shape it's not bad. I was never a fan of add a leafs, but that is just me.
For $50. More, you can get front coils which will be better in the long run and give you way more front flex.
Zone offroad. 3" lift
Zone offroad 3" lift
Ha ha. I know you guys don't see the ads that I do, it's based on your viewing/search history. Well, anyhow, there was an add for Budget rent a truck above this post. Just thought it was funny. Carry on!
Holy crap! what size are those springs??
I did the same thing right after I bought mine. :thumbsup: although I didn't remove the temp sensor while it was hot :rolleyes:

I marked on the new cluster the old mileage, in case I ever wanted to know later on down the road. Mine only had 85K and the replacement had 135K You would think 50K difference is easy to remember. :D


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In my quest for the next cherokee I get to look at some cool rigs
I looked at this one yesterday
the add states
"1986 jeep wagoner
This waggy would make a great parts rig. 4.0 inline 6 with auto trans. It's almost complete. The only thing missing is the rear window.
Does not drive as I think it's lost spark. Turns over but won't fire. Do not have title.
I'll take the first reasonable offer. Also open to trades."

I called and 300 in trade in or cash was the currant bid

when I got there I saw that it is co-owned by a title loan company
the PO didnt give a title so thus the parts rig thing

I am not sure if I want this albatross ( that would make a good name for it )

If I had more room .....maybe

but the way things are right now I don't think I can
I will keep looking for something tileable

kinda bummed thoe this would be a cool rig
btw I saw another just a few minutes later same model and color but with a lift going down the road
If it's part owned by a title loan company, some one owes money on it. May be worth looking into.
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