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Building Eugene

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My build starts with a 94 Xj named Eugene.
I have known this rig since it was new and used to park across the street from my dads place.
I gal named Anna Banana ( I am not kidding ) bought it new
latter she gave it to her friend Kat who I mow for...when Anna passed recently, she left Kat her 2012 ford! I asked what she was gonna do with her jeep? She said do you want it? I said yea you bet!!!!

so until now I have GMs and toyotas,
but I love this little wagon!
so this jeep looks like it never had a wax job but I know that it was brought in for service regularly to the stealership

Also I don't think that it was ever cleaned interior wise

I got a turd to polish and boy did I

I added a cheap stereo from the Wal place
then I made a shifter knob
"I introduce the Twinkie shifter"

Now 3 coats of wax and an interior shampoo and it looks good
the engine runs great,,, so mods next......?
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I know you have more pics then this.
4x4 Woody, that something I have not seen!
Congrats on the Gauge Cluster!!!
1 - 3 of 74 Posts
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