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Building Eugene

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My build starts with a 94 Xj named Eugene.
I have known this rig since it was new and used to park across the street from my dads place.
I gal named Anna Banana ( I am not kidding ) bought it new
latter she gave it to her friend Kat who I mow for...when Anna passed recently, she left Kat her 2012 ford! I asked what she was gonna do with her jeep? She said do you want it? I said yea you bet!!!!

so until now I have GMs and toyotas,
but I love this little wagon!
so this jeep looks like it never had a wax job but I know that it was brought in for service regularly to the stealership

Also I don't think that it was ever cleaned interior wise

I got a turd to polish and boy did I

I added a cheap stereo from the Wal place
then I made a shifter knob
"I introduce the Twinkie shifter"

Now 3 coats of wax and an interior shampoo and it looks good
the engine runs great,,, so mods next......?
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I have been broke since the mowing season stopped
so the Xj hasnt had new stuff done to it but I got plans

as far as the power it has more than my toyota truck ( that still love )

but I can always use more power
do your rigs get jealous?
today I took my dads 2001 Toyota to drop off a chair and go to the store when I came back I realized I got the wrong sausage so into the jeep I jumped and back to the store I went
back out to the jeep and it acted like the battery was week but then it started
I went home and promised it I would give it some love tomorrow
so the jeep was right to be having a fit starting
I was cleaning the battery clamps ... the neg clamp was wore threw at the bolt
luckily I had a new one so I installed the new one and it has been starting fine since

on an other note I removed the coil and got a good look at it
it looked fine and clean so I stuck it back on
Exultations and huh-za
Eugene runs again

It seems that the wire that makes the coil work was corroded
I unplugged it then plugged it back in and it ran like it never had a problem
I cleaned it and put dielectric grease on it
runs great
now I can start on my bumper
this was from last summer
it did it to me again so I wanted to get a good look at it
I am thinking of getting a MSD coil ...Opinions????
I went to look at a free grand cherokee larado 2WD
it is ok but, if I get another jeep I want an Xj or Yj
the folks that had it need it gone bad
well I got a buddy that needs a rig bad
so I hooked them up

it has been sitting for 6 yrs... spose to run but we will see
needs interior cleaned and a buff on the exterior
also batt and tires with wheels
the ones on it the PO wants back

now to other business
the other reason I cant take this jeep into my stable of rigs is...
I need a rig to do uber eats in
I bought a 2001 chevy metro in kinda sad shape for $250
the studs that were on it are on ford escort rims and the center holes are too small
there were on the car and would not come off no mater how much I cussed at them
it took a puller and a bunch of heat for them to POP and I do mean POP!!!!
first one "POPPED" a foot a away form the hub I left the lugs on loose after that

I am telling this because Uber is gunna pay for bumpers and a lift \ tires for the XJ
so woopie

speaking of tires I got a question ...
my xj has 15s on it now
what do yall think about putting 17s on it
I would get the height with out the price of 31s and a smaller sidewall
I know a dude that says it will look funny
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the winter took a toll on Eugene's muffler
I ordered one from the interwebs got here yesterday put it on today
it was fighting me till I notice I still had my Chevy hat on
as soon as I changed to my jeep hat it went smooth as silk
I think it might have been the break I took tho

now it is whisper quiet but will still roar if needed
so I can get a 2 in lift for $278
this is the link tell me what ya think
well so much for the uber thing ...It works for meny but didnt for me and we will leave it at that
On the other hand I did get to go to north Id and enjoy the Molly Be Damed days
I did a lil 4X4ing while there too


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$ 50 more for new coils ? I am in
shoot me a link

my leafs are great this is the jeep that was owned by 2 lil ol ladys
so the pix you saw was the most dirt this xj has ever seen
this one cones with an bpe kit
close :thumbsup: but trying to stay under $300 :thumbdown:
Careful. Budget Boosts are a gateway drug...

A complete lift for less than 300 is pretty labor intensive or garbage. Even a little lift requires parts to keep it working properly that BB kits don't have.
yea Super I know I dont rush into anything
I will get a adjustable track bar and a few odds and ends that will make it work

the rustys one has shocks I was gunna buy for $200 anyway
I have a problem. I read that folks have thuds and squeaks in their XJs ..but my xj has none. in my 104k Mi xj, that was owned by 2 lil old ladys , one of them didnt drive it outside of the Spokane city limits so what is wrong with my cherokee not a squeak bump or thud
went to pull and save today

went for parts for my dauters Taurus

but as these things go I came home with an adjustable track bar :cool:

needs the bracket but the one on the rig was welded on

I think this is a rough country but I am not sure

If anyone can id it from the pic that would be great


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here is the pass side


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so eugene got a receiver hitch to day
just got to put the bumper back on and I am done

as usual pix to come
ever since I got this XJ I wanted to put a better dash in
I upgraded to a 93 lardo gauge cluster
H2O temp
and Odometer

Quick top relive the pressure before you take the H2O sender out
( yep I got sprayed with hot coolant :( Doh)


temp sender

oil sender

the parts you need

this is not the temp sensor I needed for the gauges so I will pick up the right one at the J yard
it is on the head toward the back on the drivers side
thanks for reminding me
don't forget to mark the miles on the odd on old and and new miles on the new gauges
In my quest for the next cherokee I get to look at some cool rigs
I looked at this one yesterday
the add states
"1986 jeep wagoner
This waggy would make a great parts rig. 4.0 inline 6 with auto trans. It's almost complete. The only thing missing is the rear window.
Does not drive as I think it's lost spark. Turns over but won't fire. Do not have title.
I'll take the first reasonable offer. Also open to trades."

I called and 300 in trade in or cash was the currant bid

when I got there I saw that it is co-owned by a title loan company
the PO didnt give a title so thus the parts rig thing

I am not sure if I want this albatross ( that would make a good name for it )

If I had more room .....maybe

but the way things are right now I don't think I can
I will keep looking for something tileable

kinda bummed thoe this would be a cool rig
btw I saw another just a few minutes later same model and color but with a lift going down the road


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