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ZJ disc brake setup for 8.25, D35, D44 XJ vehicles. Could be used for TJ also in you have Drums currently. $200 shipped

1.25 inch aluminum wheel spacers. Lug studs removed to be used with extended studs mounted to axle. New lugs can be reinstalled by buyer if they so decide. (Studs in aluminum spacers and air guns tend to spin and strip out splines making it hard to remove spacer..thus studs were removed so spacer could slide over extended studs on axle) $80 shipped

2 inch lift blocks Steel. These have built in correction for pinion angle. $15 PLUS shipping

Also have NEW in box extended U-Bolts. I can get the size if interested. $25 PLUS shipping. Ubolts bought to be used with blocks.

Dana front HP30 housing and gears 3.55 open. Needs shafts and bearings and braking parts to run. $100

Dana 35 with 4.10 LSD Drum brakes with extended length ARP lug studs. Shock mounts relocated to tube height for clearance $300

GM 10 bolt rear. Gearing unknown. Needs clean up and setup for jeep. Came from fullsize pickup. 6 lug pattern $150.

D60 rear. Gearing in the 3.x range...Open carrier. $175

D70 from a Dodge Motor Home. Huge beefy dually style axle. $350

Gearing is as listed, or you can come and pop the cover yourself to check it.
If serious buyer, I can pop the cover but assume all axles will need to be regeared for wheeling and that gears are currently of stock ratio unless listed otherwise.

401 motor:
2 sets of heads. One set ready for bolt on 5k miles
Block needs machine time
Crank needs turn 10/10 to clean up. No problems just surface rust on journals
rods, intake stock
7 newer pistons .030 with pins. 1 piston damaged in a DIFFERENT 401 MOTOR 5k miles
Lifters, push rods, and possibly cam all from DIFFERENT 401 MOTOR...newer condition 5k miles
Other parts included, newere push rods, oil pump housing and gears, rocker studs, verious ARP bolts. Other parts may be included as I find them around the barn.

304 motor. Needs intake and carb. Needs distributor. Otherwise, it was a running motor very strong.
Motor is assembled and ready for install.

BOTH MOTORS and all parts for $1000 firm. Sold as a package.

Location Monroe, MI

Limited delivery is available in SE Michigan or NE Ohio/toledo area. Shipping is not available on large parts. Shipping available on smaller parts and will need to be calculated and added to the list price.

PM me here or ask questions in the thread.

Paypal accepted as long as there aren't any credit card fees. Fees will be added to the price.

Willing to take in trade D60 rear disc brake setup. 4.88 gear set for D60 and D44hp. Full detroit lockers for D60 D44hp.

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Hey Bouncy, I'm interested in that HP 30. From an xj correct? Is there any chance you'd meet some distance? I am beaver falls, pa, which i think is about 4 hrs from your town.
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