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After a long sweltering day full of off-road fun, getting from a hot cab and having a cold drink is probably one of the nicest things in the world! With our portable and convenient ARB fridge freezers you can praise yourself with fresh food and ever cool drinks anytime you want.

Purchase a portable fridge freezer by ARB and get a free transit bag, that will keep it from scratches and dings. The offer is valid till July 31, 2017.

The freezers are durable, user friendly and feature different levels of storage capacity. They require a 12 volt power source and can be operated either while your 4x4 trip or as a second refrigerator while you're at home.

Get your ARB freezer fully stocked with beer and ice-cream and let yourself enjoy the summer with comfort.

Make sure to complete the PDF form below and follow instructions to get your gift.
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