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Hi all, I am fairly new to the JEEP world. As in I've never owned one. I have started looking into the late 80s and 90s models of the Cherokee 4x4 to have as a winter beater and light off roader.
I live in Ontario Canada where we get lots of snow, ice, etc throughout winter with temps reaching arctic levels during some parts of winter
I'm wondering if anyone here can shed light on what years or models of the Jeep Cherokee to focus on and what to look out for?
Assuming most of these that are on the market have made it this far thanks to previous maintenance, is there anything major to look out for in terms of engine, trans etc?
I'm not too concerned about wear and tear items as those have to be changed in every car, new or old

I like the shape of the 92-96 and also wouldn't mind the 97-2001 unless one is far superior over the other?
The late 80s XJ 2nd GEN models also caught my eye as I have owned several german cars from the late 80s and enjoyed them (as summer cars)

How solid were these built back then? I have seen some on the market with little to no rust which is surprising

Looking forward to your replies

Thank you
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