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Can't get out of park...

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I have a stock 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Classic 4wd auto transmission. I pushed my XJ down my slightly inclined driveway in neutral this morning to clear space in my driveway. I did not start the car, I just put the key in and popped it into neutral, and back into park when I stopped. I came back a little while later, and I could not get the shifter to shift out of Park.

I have tried to read up on this and watch videos, but from what I can see I do not have the shifter interlock doohickey... My tranny fluid is good, and my brake light switch works just fine.

Any suggestions? I am going to try and get under it tomorrow to check if anything in the transmission linkage is binding. I am learning as I am going because I just bought this XJ a few weeks ago and this is my first one, on top of being my first automatic that I have worked on in a long time.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: as I am trying to watch more videos about this, maybe I need to look deeper under the dash or remove the inspection panel under the steering wheel to find the transmission interlock connector.
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Welp, after fiddling around a little bit I found the transmission interlock thingy. I disconnected it, but no luck. Then I figured something could be wrong with the shifter T-handle, and sure enough even though I could press the button, it was not pushing down the plunger. I removed the T-handle and actuated the plunger by hand and I was able to shift. I reconnected the transmission interlock connector and was still able to shift, so it was the T-handle after all!

I look at it this way... Purely being able to ask the question on this forum was enough to help me figure out the issue!
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