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I just got a 85 2.5L pioneer, w/no info from previous owner. It has a Vin code ijcub782xft...... the engine build code is 41OU23 the engine looks original but the carb has been swapped to a 1bbl Rochester from a 77 chev 4 or 6. It is a hard start cold or hot. there are un-connected / missing vac lines, wires, breather hoses and the carb air cleaner mount has broken from the air cleaner being to high and the hood slamming down.
Questions: It appears to be an original AMC 2.5L can anyone confirm the engine number above?
I could put on a Stock Carter FYA but would prefer to convert to an updated carb. Is a weber 32/36 progressive carb a good choice for replacement?
thanks, jmczzz
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