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cash for parts dilema...

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ok I have a big cash for parts dilema,

Ive been talking with Jason from JO for a set of OME 2.5" leafs, with bushings, shipped to my door. so the leafs are 111.50 each.. so about 240 both of them, and IDK the bushings and well shipping is 180 .. so in total Im guessing is a $450 hit.. so my question is..

should I spend all that money on rear leafs? IDK what surprises my XJ might come up with, IDK any mechanical issues it may have that I would need the money for,, so IDK if I should buy them, or just buy some $60 leaf booster or helper so my leafs arent flat.. and save up for a bastard pack or find some one. selling a pair...

let me know guys what to doo, bc im very impulsive and might end up buying this and then regreting it later when I have a big mechanical issue..
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Even though i recommend the OME leaf springs, paying that much for shipping kinda kills the deal. I would go bastard for now.

I'm still up for the Belto Fund and would donate for shipping :) $5 donating per people could gather a bit of $$. any takers?
but my old pack was not flat before the shackles.. so if I take off the shackles and put some AAL will it be ok? something like this|39:1|65:12|240:1318&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245
Avoid that. It's a 20" short AAL. Will ride like you have no springs.
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