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I'm just passing on the word. Everyone is invited and it's free!!!

August 11th, 2012 Trailride


This trailride is suitable for ALL Jeeps!

Orofino wash is a very scenic trail at the southern base of The Bradshaw Mountains. The trailhead begins just outside of Wilhoit and is approximately 9.5 miles long (from trailhead to Wagoner Road).

This very pleasant trail meanders through the edge of the Prescott National Forest, following the Hassayampa River much of the way, eventually exiting to Wagoner Road. The beginning of the trail descends sharply to the Hassayampa River, which is sandy and loose. The rest of the trail may have washboards which, especially this time of year, may have wells and springs which flow over the road. This area is mainly used for cattle grazing and has old oaks and aspens that are over 100 years old. High clearance vehicles are preferred but not necessary. 4x4 advised on portions of the trail. This trail may have rocks, grades, shallow water crossings and/or ruts. Due to this time of the year, there's a strong possibility for mud. There's a strong chance of monsoons. I wouldn't expect damage to vehicles (such as pin-stripping)... However, it's always a possibility.

On a scale of 1-10, Orofino would be rated between a 3 and 4 (due to rock steps on the way out). See attached rating scale.

There's a steep grade (exiting to Wagoner Road). 4-low would be recommended due to loose gravel and possible wet conditions. Lockers are not required.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Orofino Wash


8:45 a.m. Denny's/Big Lots Parking Lot; Prescott, at Hwy. 89/Gail Gardner
(recommended for Yavapai County folks and surrounding areas in the central and north)
1316 Iron Springs Rd.

9:00 a.m. Depart for Wilhoit location
(for those wishing to have breakfast, meet at Denny's around 7 a.m. There is also a Starbucks next door. For any last minute items there is a Walmart within the same parking lot.

10:30 a.m. Country Corner General Store; Kirkland/Wilhoit on Hwy. 89
(recommended for those traveling north from the Phoenix area)
8885 Hwy. 89
10:45 a.m. Depart promptly for trailhead

- Bring a main dish for those in your Jeep to BBQ (hot dogs; hamburgers, brats, etc., including buns for your main dish)
- Bring a side dish or dessert if you'd like to share
- Paper plates/plastic utensils, trash bag
- Folding camp chairs (optional)
- Enough water for those in your vehicle. A good rule of thumb is 1 gallon per person plus an extra 5 gallons for emergencies
- Emergency supplies (1st aid kit; fire extinguisher, any medications you require)
- Auto cell phone charger
- Tools (duct tape, tie wraps, reserve fluids oil, tranny, spare hoses/belts, Fix-A-Flat or tire repair kit... When's the last time you checked your spare's PSI??)
- Camera with extra batteries (optional)
- Appropriate clothing. Prepare for heat/lightweight clothing as well as possible monsoon weather (enclosed shoes; sunscreen,, hat, sunglasses, jacket, etc.)
- CB channel 12 (if you need a CB, please contact me in advance. I have 2 plug & play set-ups available to loan for the day)
- If you have a folding table, we may need an extra. Let me know in advance and we'll see how we're standing on that.


Central Arizona Jeepers is PROUD to introduce and announce Brent Johnson as our new Assistant Director!
Many of you may have already met him on the trails. Most of you probably will recognize him in his
2011 Silver JK Rubicon (aka "Valkyrie").

Brent is located in Prescott, Arizona and comes to us with a lot of experience under his belt as a fellow Jeeper.
He also has an extensive background in communications and firearms.
Brent will be assisting in trailride coordination, correspondance and updates to our club members. Central Arizona Jeepers has grown to over 700+ e-mails in our membership and we welcome any assistance he can provide to our club!
Brent is able to offer some strong, new and fresh ideas
that coordinate with the positive current direction that Central Arizona is proceeding in.

What to expect?
There are no immediate changes to Central Arizona Jeepers!
We will continue to schedule monthly trailrides which will be announced via e-mail as they always have been.
Central Arizona Jeepers will continue with our practice of "No Membership Fees".

What's new?
We will be bringing to the table a lot of new and refreshing ideas for our members (including some mentioned below) with many more to come!

In the meantime, please welcome Brent Johnson, give him a "Jeep Wave" and know that we both are open to your comments and suggestions!


We’re very happy to introduce new decals! Body decals are crisp, bright and colorful! They have UV Protection and should weather much better (picture attached).

Also, due to many requests, front windshield decals are now in stock! (These decals are installed across the top of your front or rear windshield). Our ‘initial’ order is limited in supply and there will be more on order soon…

Prices are as follows:
$ 5.00 Colored body decals
$20.00 Windshield decal strips

Central Arizona Jeepers will be having a "50/50 Drawing" on the trailrides. Tickets will be available at $1.00 each or 6/$5.00. 50% of all proceeds collected during this drawing will go to the winner! 50% of proceeds will go to Central Arizona Jeepers to help to off-set expenses such as yearly website renewal fees and club expenses. Since Central Arizona Jeepers does not charge membership fees, we feel this will be a fun and successful way to keep the club operating as it has been in the past. Tickets will be sold during the Driver's Meeting and our lunch stop. Winner must be present to win. If you’re interested in purchasing the 50/50 Raffle, please stop by and see Brent near his silver Jeep.

And now the legal ‘stuff’:
By attending this trailride you and your passengers assume all responsibility for you and those in your vehicle (including pets) and agree to terms listed.
The terms listed are not ‘all-inclusive’.
Central Arizona Jeepers, it’s leadership team, Trailmaster and designated spotter(s) reserve the right to inspect your Jeep for safety issues on any trailride if there are any safety concerns. Should there be any safety concerns with your vehicle, you may be asked to not participate on this trailride. Please take no offense, folks, we’re all about safety!
Central Arizona Jeepers, it’s members and participants assume no responsibility for any damages, breakdowns, injuries or death associated with this or any other trailride. In addition, you acknowledge that, to the best of your knowledge, your Jeep is in good mechanical condition; is insured according to Arizona State Laws, that all occupants will wear seat belts and that you will remain on the designated trail. As driver, you assume all responsibility for you (driver) and all passengers and pets in your vehicle and that you agree to enforce these requirements. Should there be any breakdown or emergency, we will do all we can within our power(s) to ensure the health and safety of all those incolved, both observing and attending and will make sure all Jeeps within our group are off the trail, or that arrangements are made to get the persons involved off the trail, at the end of the same day.

That being said… LET’S HAVE FUN!

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us:

Cheri Baumgartner, Director
[email protected]

Brent Johnson, Assistant Director
[email protected]

We’re on facebook, too!
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