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Cherokee of the Month July

  • Riff Raff

    Votes: 12 21.1%
  • 01XJcny

    Votes: 10 17.5%
  • chrispy

    Votes: 4 7.0%
  • pizzaman3872

    Votes: 15 26.3%
  • minero73mx

    Votes: 16 28.1%

Cherokee of the Month July

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We are now accepting submissions for CotM!
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up top click on cherokee tab and then click add new. then when the poll opens up next month you just copy and paste the link to make it eligible for votes
Am I ever gonna,win lol
It is a tough race this month, the numbers are running very close. Everyone needs to vote for your favorite, hoping your favorite is mine. But even if it isn't, you still need to vote. With only 4 votes separating 1st and 4th everyone needs every vote they can get. Don't be the one left saying, "I should have voted, and maybe mine choice would have won."

If you think your vote doesn't count in the Presidential race, your vote can make a difference here. It won't change history or straighten out the economy, but at least it will make one of your fellow Jeepers feel good for a month.

***I am Riff Raff and I endorse this Message***
Wow one vote from 3way tie
I should be registered now!


You've got no pics though...

this is embarassing
this is embarassing
Not as embarrassing as when i ran for 2 consecutive months...

Two votes the first month, and only one vote on the next.
im sorry if you added up all my votes since i have been entering, i would still be behind lol. Hey thats ok though. you never know until you try. I love my jeep and really dont care what anybody else thinks. To the rest of you guys. nothing against you. You all got great rigs, and well, as long as a XJ wins, all is good lol
This most I've ever had too. .
Give it a try, just put the 4.5" lift on Sunday.


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Come on one more lol
Really I lost by one vote wow
I missed by "that" much. And I had the lead up til the last day too. But we did have 57 people vote, and I'll take a 3rd place my first time out. :cool:
so what do i have to do to run with the big dogs like you guys lol I love my jeep pretty much the way it is. I do want to get bigger tires, but money is tight. Any recomendations guys?
Yeah but second place is the first loser
Yeah but second place is the first loser
X2... Happened to me like 3 months in a row. Decided to leave my self out of this round. Keep entering your rig pizza!
I will
21 - 40 of 42 Posts
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