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Cherokee Trailhawk Weak Headlights

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I have a 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. I am so disappointed with my leadlights. I have had them checked and am told they are aligned correctly. When I hit the bright light switch, the trees close to me are well lit up but there doesn't seem to be any extended reach in forward pointing lights which is what I need. I have a 2005 Mercedes that has headlights which are at least twice as strong. Anyone had this issue ? Any fixes other then trading up. ? Thanks.
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With a username like that, should I say Semper Fo?
The new Jeeps have headlight and accessory running on partial direct current. They take a section of current and divide it up with computer code to alternate between accessories to get that small fraction of fuel efficiency out of it. I feel your pain, our older XJs had headlights that really sucked too. I am not sure what would happen if you wired them direct to the battery with a relay. But your D3S bulbs are popular and there are some brighter ones out there. From what I could find out, you want the 35 watt bulbs

UCG Semper Peratus

No big deal really. They change from the back of the projector assembly. But be careful. You cannot touch modern bulbs with your fingers. The oil on them will cause the glass to crack
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