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Colea380s xj build

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Well guys i never thought y’all would be so helpful and since y’all are so nice i thought that i would share my jeep build so far but first i will start by showing my old one
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she was a 97 xj sport with a rc 4.5 long arm lift c8.25 and d30 with a 4.0 aw4 and np 231 but she met a unfortunate end
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Automotive tire Automotive exterior Fender Rim Woody plant

still not too sure how the fire started but it started from the back passenger side wheelwell and nevertheless i got another one a 99 xj limited with a 4.0 aw4 and np241
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Motor vehicle Steering part Mode of transport Vehicle Steering wheel
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these are the photos that i bought her off of and she was a bit rough
the rear axle must of had something go wrong
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because when i was testing out the 4x4 it seemed to be driving fine and all a sudden it felt like a tire poped and it was pulling hard to the right but that wasn’t the case what had actually happened was someone replaced the ring and pinion in with a 3.73 when the front axle still had the 3.55 so that was interesting but when i got it home i promptly welded the diff and went drifting :) so anyways i ripped out the whole interior and redid the head liner and put killz mat everywhere and i mean everywhere if i could see it i put killz mat on it under the carpet doors everywhere and i will say it helps a lot once that was done i put in new carpet and had the seats redone
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and then i added all led gauge and interior lights and i would highly recommend doing that (if you haven’t already) then i added the jcr center console brace and i cant add anymore pictures but if y’all want some i can give you them so anyways the plan is to put on a re 5.5 long arm and swap the rear for a d44
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Too bad about that fire. Nice replacement seats
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