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I'm not sure if you guys us a UPS on your computer, but if you are trying to decide on what size (WATT) UPS you should buy...

My APC UPS said it needed a battery today, mind you this is after about a month of just powering off without warning, then coming right back on...

Anyway I recently upgraded my computer's power supply to 700 watts.

I did this because I have a Nvidia 8800GT, 3 hard drives (1.5 terabytes!) a DVD recorder, a DVD players, 3 6" system fans, and 4 gb of memory.

Well I thought, being knowledgeable on these things, that instead of just buying a replacement battery for my UPS I'd go get a bigger one at Sam's Club. So I did.

I picked up a 750 Watt UPS (with LCD monitoring panel mind you).

I hooked it up, all fat dumb and happy.

I check to make sure the APC UPS software notices the change, and it does. It even gives me a little more information that the old one. One bit of more information is the current power consumption of EVERYTHING I have connected to the UPS battery protected ports.

1 Computer and 1 monitor (I need to find the power cord for the 2nd monitor and plug it in there too!)

Yes, 217 watts!

So I'm thinking my APC BackUPS ES 500 was just fine. I'm still going to get a replacement battery, but I'll be putting on my network equipment for the House. :dunno:

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Hell that thing is big enuff to power your fridge if the power goes out!!! lol :rofl:
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