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Hello all,

My daily is a 1998 cherokee xj, 4x4, 4.0.
Lately it's been having some electrical issues, here's the story:

Started with just a fuse blowing, fuse 21 in the under hood fuse box, 20 amp fuse that controls injectors, igtion coil, possibly 02 sensors. Would just randomly blow, usually when I would be on the gas like passing or something, sometimes just while taking off from a light.

This happened 4 times in one day before, then didn't happen for a week, then multiples in one day again.

So, I replaced ignition coil, cap and rotor (they needed it), spark plugs, checked the already newish wires, checked resistance on all injectors, were ok, i think, cleaned all grounds on the engine and added one that was missing, replaced upstream 02(had a code it wasn't working, and bad fuel milage, this helped but not with the fuse situation). Went over the wiring harness, where i did find and repair a few bare wires that were near metal, and this is where I thought I fixed it, as it didn't blow fuse for a whole week and a half or 2, then it returned to it's old ways. And checked wires going into sensors, looked ok.

So, after not being able to find any issues in the harness or injecors and replacing multiple parts without any luck, a friend suggested i just put a bigger fuse in, maybe the issue will present itself(in the form of smoke or arcing, other evidence) instead of just blowing the fuse, i know this probably wasn't the best idea, but i was pulling my hair out not being able to find the issue. So i made it up to a 35amp, worked for a few days, then blew a 25 amp fuse elsewhere under the hood, put another in and reached my destination, upon leaving which the jeep just died, no alternator output.

So, i figured ok the issue the whole time was the alternator, and replaced it. Charged the battery up, jeep runs but it is still not charging the battery, reads 12.2 volts at idle and goes lower if i rev it a little.

Additionally, yesterday found the battery temp sensor had a bare wire right out the bottom of the sensor being crushed against metal, will get a new sensor today and install but, doubt that was the issue.

Any ideas what is going on here? I really need my daily back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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