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Okay, so, I sold some random parts recently... Anyways, I knew I had them for sure, somewhere in the garage. So, I start looking through things and find everything fairly quick. But I realized something else. I have WAY too much junk.

-2 extra hoods
-2 extra MJ doors
-2 HP D44 housings, 1 LP front D44 housing.
-4 D44 diff covers
-5 random knuckles for D44s (2 flat top, 2 ford supercab?, 1 random)
-3 extra 1310 CV driveshafts
-3.5ish NP231s
-2 Isuzu 12Bs, in parts
-2 sets of 4.56 D44 HP gears
-2 D44 spools, maybe there is a third in the back too
-3 renix TBs, and a holly 4bbl throttle plate
-1 renix intake
-2 spare impco 425 mixers, and a regulator, and a lockoff (propane shit)
-6~ headlights
-1 massive 160L propane tank
-1 D60 centre section, and only that
-1 D30
-A bunch of axleshafts (D30 CAD, useless)
-1 rubbermade tote-tub off electrical doo-dads and gizmos

That's only what I remember seeing. And the list does not include ANYTHING that was out of the 2drx4 or destined to go into it.

So, does anybody else do that? Keep a bunch of mostly useless junk in the fear that they might actually find a use for it? I occasionally try to sell stuff I'm sure I won't need, but it seems to require a lot of effort (nobody is ever local), so more often than not I either give it away or trade it for more useless junk.

I'm sick. Somebody help me.

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With some tools, 2x4's, duck tape, and enough soft drinks (or beer) you could build a few more jeeps!

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no cant say i do lol. dads shop is pretty organized.
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