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So, Shelby has inspired me to try and quit smoking again. This time I'm trying vaping to ween myself down on the nicotine. As most of you know I'm a 2 pack plus a day smoker. But have been having only a couple a day now I've been vaping. I feel like some aging hipster douchbag though......djm
It's okay to feel like a douchebag, because we all have been thinking it anyway.... JK HA! :rofl:

Seriously though: It's how I quit brudda.

After you solely go to the vaping, after about two or three weeks, try a cigarette again. You'd be surprised how much healing you can get done once you start vaping. After that, you'll never go back; at least I didn't. The vaping made it more like a medication or drug issue and not a social one. Eventually, I ran out of juice, and I was ordering mine through the mail. I just decided to not order it. Went through slight withdrawal over a two or three day period, and that was it. It has been about 7 years now.

Once you solely vape, remove all of the ashtrays and lighters from around the house. The less you are reminded of the need, the less you'll need. Avoid going to the bar for a month or two. It's really easy to start up again if you find yourself in a social smoking environment.
1 - 1 of 4579 Posts