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Dont judge me

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I started this in cherokee forum. I got the idea from guy code. I'll start.

I pick my nose so i can breathe better.

Dont judge me.
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I hid the last Halloween reese cup from my gf.
I ate most of my kids 80% of was for the greater good. 3 boys hopped up on sugar and caffeine isnt fun.
Its called the dad tax. Youre safe.

I have more offroad seat time in a combine than my jeep this year.
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I ate pizza, drank beer, and watched netflix. The usual. Need to get off my butt and do something more active. Im waiting for parts to show up...(not for the jeep though)
Struggling to focus on work at home when the jeep is right outside in the garage waiting for me. Its day 1 and only a couple hours in honestly. DJM
We're all getting older, hell, some of us from this thread have even passed away. Its really pretty sad. Sorry to add to the negatives, DJM.
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301 - 305 of 4579 Posts