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Ok all this one is kinda a brain storm/dream thread for all.
Now if you could build a rig for any reason, how would you build it? parts you would use, where you'd wheel it. you know all those things you need to think about when planing a rig..

Here goes this is mind dream/plan/ideal rig.

I'd build a '98 5.9 ZJ
3.5" RE lift
4.56 gears
Detroit true-tracks front and rear
Waggy D44 front and rear
D300 T-case flipped twin sticked
ARB front bumper
Warn 9500 ti winch
Custom rocker protection

Reason for build- family trail runner, camping, fishing all around DD rig..

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I want to build something that Jeep never did. I want a YJ but I want Renix drivetrain. D44s F/R and a NP242. Want about 4" of lift and a later model hardtop. With OBA no A/C and dual batteries for the f/r winches. 35-37" tires and a slightly longer wheelbase.
Yes I have put some thought into it.:thumbsup:

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Dream build?

Rockwells....54" boggers....v-10......well that's dreaming a little too much.

To be realistic:

4.5" Long Arm. Full Traction maybe...
33" tires
Rock Jock 60's
Atlas Tcase
Hidden winches front/rear
Completely water proofed up to the hood. :D
coat of mud

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At this time it's a dream but once it's paid off and i settle down I will open a savings account and save 10 grand for the Hemi. 4-wheel parts in Ohio will do the install and using a hemi from a junked Grand. A friend of a friend of a friend works there and i spoke with him on IM about it and he said he's done one on a cherokee already. He wished it was a wrangler but managed to get it to work.

I've only started on researching this swap so i need to find out more on what's involved in it.

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Did he say anything about cooling issues with the Hemi?
No i didn't get into details about it. I know it's gonna require a radiator/fan swap and maybe some more cutting up the hood :D. Maybe a big hood scoop, like that red lifted cherokee we saw on the "ex" forum. An ACTUAL scoop, not a stick-on faker. :p

My original plan was to do this with my TJ but sold that and the plan went in the trash.

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99 XJ

Stroked 4.0L
Currie 9" / Front D44 - 4.56 or 4.88 Gears - ARB locked
Chromo shafts
High steer conversion
36" Rock-worthy rubber (and someone with a steadier hand than me to cut my fenders :))
6" RE long arm kit
Rubi 6 speed tranny
Atlas 2 t-case
Woods Shafts
Internal cage
10,000 lb Winch
Custom bumpers with rear tire carrier
Roof rack
Rock lights / Trail Lights
Dual battery with on-board inverter (for the blender :D)
On-board hot water system
T-case e-brake
Dash mounted GPS screen
And of course all the appropriate armor and skid plates
And one of those sweet off-road camping trailers.

Oh, and if it could run on water and farts that would be great too!


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Well after all that is said, all I can say is that I am working on it now.

Here is my list for the XJ:

4.3L Chevy Done
taken all the way to 450 hp. Workin' on it
Built 4L60E with optional lockup control. Done
Atlas 4 speed transfer case. Done
Transfer case e brake Done
Front aluminum bumper with winch Done
Rear aluminum bumper with winch Partly Done
Dual batteries with isolator and inverter Done
Griffin radiator with dual electric fans Done
On board air Done
Rear swing away tire carrier Partly Done
7.5" lift Done
Conversion to three link Started
Rear coil three link Not even started
Rear Toyota 8.25 axle with ARB Partly Done
Front Toyota 8.25 axle with ARB Started
High steer for Toyota Not even started
38" tires with Staun beadlocks Still dreamin'
Automatic swing out step (for wife) Still dreamin"

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dreams of a kid that will never get the chance ....
small block 400
pushing a turbo 350 trans
dana 60 rear axel
same in the front
44 inch swampers
8 inch rc lift
chop top from behind the the front door
removable front half rear doors
skid plates all the way around
custom bumpers tied into
the very b.a. interior/ exterior cage
painted red and still completly street legal for an added f.u. to the cops that rutinely pull me over

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resurrecting this thread with a new dream build.

93 ramcharger soft top conversion
360 la block forged rotating assembly with magnum heads PORTED to the limits with a 12:1 compression ratio when naturally aspirated ... turbocharged running at 16psi with methanol injection all pulling through a snorkle
727 trans 203/205 doubler/ tcase
d70hd dually rear end dually d60 front
exo cage tied into custom bumpers
44" swampers stuffed under 6" of lift

and that'll just be my tow rig :thumbsup:

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Tow rig with 44" swampers....LOL. We don't see that often.
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