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Dream builds...

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Ok all this one is kinda a brain storm/dream thread for all.
Now if you could build a rig for any reason, how would you build it? parts you would use, where you'd wheel it. you know all those things you need to think about when planing a rig..

Here goes this is mind dream/plan/ideal rig.

I'd build a '98 5.9 ZJ
3.5" RE lift
4.56 gears
Detroit true-tracks front and rear
Waggy D44 front and rear
D300 T-case flipped twin sticked
ARB front bumper
Warn 9500 ti winch
Custom rocker protection

Reason for build- family trail runner, camping, fishing all around DD rig..
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Dream build?

Rockwells....54" boggers....v-10......well that's dreaming a little too much.

To be realistic:

4.5" Long Arm. Full Traction maybe...
33" tires
Rock Jock 60's
Atlas Tcase
Hidden winches front/rear
Completely water proofed up to the hood. :D
coat of mud
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At this time it's a dream but once it's paid off and i settle down I will open a savings account and save 10 grand for the Hemi. 4-wheel parts in Ohio will do the install and using a hemi from a junked Grand. A friend of a friend of a friend works there and i spoke with him on IM about it and he said he's done one on a cherokee already. He wished it was a wrangler but managed to get it to work.

I've only started on researching this swap so i need to find out more on what's involved in it.
Did he say anything about cooling issues with the Hemi?
No i didn't get into details about it. I know it's gonna require a radiator/fan swap and maybe some more cutting up the hood :D. Maybe a big hood scoop, like that red lifted cherokee we saw on the "ex" forum. An ACTUAL scoop, not a stick-on faker. :p

My original plan was to do this with my TJ but sold that and the plan went in the trash.
Tow rig with 44" swampers....LOL. We don't see that often.
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