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Engine swap

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I have a 86 jeep xj with 2.5l and ax5 Trans and I was thinking about swapping them out for a 2.5l from 98 and up 2.5l and ax15 Trans. I was wondering if it was possible without to much trouble.
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I thionk you would need a donor vehicle since I think you will be going from carburetor to fuel injection. Most of us here have little or no experience with the 2.5
Mega squirt would make it so you don't need a donor vehicle. Changes everything over including the ECM all the wiring harnesses labeled. Mega squirt is by far the easiest setup you can get for going from carburetor to fuel injection. Was an ASC Master tech for about 40 years before I retired. Done a few with donor vehicles compared to the megasquirt and it's not even close to being as easy as it is with the megasquirt system. You can check it out online there's choices of which ones you want to use or what you want to do to your vehicle it's pretty nice tech support is great too.
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