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Favorite 4 door sedan?

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Whats your opinion on the best 4 door sedan out there? Why?
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BMW 750i. Luxury and power and handling in a 4 Door. What more could you ask for? Mileage isn't too bad at 20 MPG either.
I've always liked the Honda Accord, great mileage, easy to make a great performer and they run for ever..
I too am a fan on the honda accord and/or the acura TL.
I'm not really a Ford guy...


Best 4 door sedan?

For sure, the 60's era Lincoln Continentals!
Suicide doors right outta the factory, great looks!

Probably not the best for fuel economy though...

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Maseratti Quatroporte
Maseratti Quatroporte
Got many of those in Puerto Rico???

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8 to be exact and my ex GF dad has one... I miss her.... LOL NOT
I have to say a 2008 Dodge Charger SRT-8........Can you say HEMI!!!!!

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lexus ifs and 4 door and power...but to get real

evo and sti!!!!
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