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February 2017 Stock COTM

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We are now accepting entries into the Stock Cherokee Of The Month.

Provide us with some pictures of your Jeep and as much information as you can. We will add the poll after we have received (5) entries.

COTM Stock Class RULES


Rules for Stock Category:*
*Mods will open up a new thread for submissions each month

*Must be an active member of CT to participate

*Any Lift 2.5" or less and 30" or smaller tires.

*All entries must be placed in this thread to be considered.

*Must include a minimum of 2 photos and a maximum of 5 photos and info as listed below, no more no less*

*Entries may be closed early if there are too many entries for the current month.

*There will be a maximum of five (5) entries to be voted on per month.

*Mods will open up a poll so that members may vote for their favorite Jeep.

*Winners to be announced on the 1st of the following month.

*Any Jeep not selected as a winner is free to enter again in following months.*

*Rules may be changed, modified, added or removed as deemed necessary by the moderators of this forum *In case of a tie moderator will decide the winner.

To nominate a Jeep, please supply the following information:



*Mods/Custom Stuff:

*Other Info:


:cheers: and Good Luck!
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I know you're out there.......Having doubts? Just think of the infamy that comes from winning Stock COTM...bragging rights, the ladies (or men, who am I too judge?!) look at you a little differently, your clothes fit a bit better, and life just seems a little more....awesome.

Post 'em up!

Thanks for the comments. She's not quite where I want her to be yet. A couple of small rust spots and parking lot dimples but only a few. Once the roof rust is taken care of I will reupholster the head liner, OH console and sound bar. Eventually new paint. The Country appliques will be hard to find though.
Looks great. I'd have a hard time doing anything to a jeep in that kind of shape. Great platform to start from though :thumbsup:
Polls will be up on the 20th, anyone else want to enter the fray? :cool:
Last bump for Stockers, polls going up tonight :cheers:
Looks like we're going to have to try again in March :D

Congrats jpk, nobody even attempted to take on your stocker this month :cheers:
1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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