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FS N' SC>> 4.0 and 2.5 engine parts, 2 axles & more

I have several parts off of a 87 2.5 and a 90 4.0 motor. List below

Intake manifold-Off of each motor>> $25 each
Exhaust Manifold- from both>> $25 each
Throttle bodys-One of each (2.5 was TBI w/injector)>> $25 each
Starter-2.5>> $30
The dust shield thing on the back of the motor from the 2.5>> $10
Alternator-2.5>> rebuilt 2 years ago $40?
2.5 distributor>> $25
2.5 Water pump>> $15
2.5 Power steering pump>> $20
TJ rear flares>> $40
4.0 Aluminum Valve cover >> $10
5 speed shift knob>> $7


3.73 D35 complete $75
3.54 d44 front, pass drop, missing hub on one side and brakes on both 150
>> axles Location is 28712 Brevard NC at my dads.

2 front flare good condition from a 90 xj>originally painted but since has flaked so they need refinished> $20 for the pair
Inner fenders from the 90 XJ mostly good holes to remount/I popped the plastic trees except a few that were missed cause I'm blind :doh: >> $20
The piece that goes below the bumper and connect to flares> $8 or $25 with flares

There is probably more but i need to look through my stuff and i will have a few more 4.0 parts sometime soon(when i get a motor to replace the blown one) Let me know if a price is to high most of this i didn't know what to charge for it. I will ship anything except axles and flares are a maybe.

Pending items listed in ORANGE


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still have the 4.0 exhaust manifold, and or all parts for 4.0
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