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Hello All,

I thought I would tell you guys about restoring your gauge cluster needles. If you are like most, your Jeep's needles have faded to white. Believe it or not, they used to be orange.

Important note: You will mess up the calibration on your gauges. You will have to recalibrate the position of the needle. I will explain below.

This is how I restored the needles this weekend:
1.) Run your engine until fully hot. Take notes or pictures of where the needles register on each given gauge. Mine always runs 210 degrees, 40 psi oil pressure, 750 rpm, + or - 14 volts.
2.) Run to the store and get a bottle of clear fingernail polish, and a spray can of flouresent orange paint.
3.) Remove the bezel around your stereo and climate control by pulling on the bottom first.
4.) Remove all the screws that hols in the bezel that goes around the steering wheel, and unbuckle the rubber boot that goes around the steering wheel. (see bottom of boot) Remove the upper dash pad during this process also.
5.) I cannot remember if it was necessary, but you may have to remove the plastic panel under the steering wheel and remove the steel plate. (I did this, but cannot remember if it was necessary.)
6.) Remove the 4 or 6 screw that hold the black frame around the gauge cluster to the dash.
7.) Remove the cluster by squeezing the two electrical plugs in the back.
8.) Take the cluster inside on a work table.
9) Remove clear lens.
10.) Pull with all your might to remove the needles from the gauge, you might think that this will break it, and it will be tough, but I removed all of mine with my fingers.
11.) Take a steel fingernail file and lightly remove the old faded paint off the back of the needle.
12.) Pay attention to the design of the acrylic needle, there is a prizm built into the base of it to reflect light down to the tip, it kinda looks like a magnifying glass, DO NOT COVER WITH PAINT. Only paint where you took the old paint off.
13.) Lightly cover the part you just roughed up with that clear polish. This will help fill in the roughness and make it glow a little better.
14.) Mask off with tape and take the needle outside and spray it VERY VERY LIGHTLY. You do not want runs! Do as many light coats as you can. I suggest doing one needle at a time to get your technique down. to get back to work, I will tell you how to put it back together later tonight!!

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