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good reason to make sure your jeep is in good working order

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just found this, looks like everyones fine but this backs up why i re-check my trackbar, front sway bar and other stuff religously..
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I also followed that over on Pirate when it was first posted. It was Rusty's but from what i remember of it Rusty's got involved with the whole deal to find the problem. And it wasn't there part's fault it was alot of things, if I remember right the track bar was for a 4" lift and the guy was using it on like 6.5" of lift.. I'd have to really did to find all the info.

But you can't blame Rusty's, alot of the parts that have failed(in the past not in the last 3 years) were not built by Rusty's just sold by him. And from what I've used and know of Rusty's I'd trust his stuff with out a second thought..
And that makes it okay? So, he can sell a bad part as his own, as long as he didn't actually make it?
I'm not say it's ok. Just that some company's have a learning curve and Rusty's was rather step..
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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