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had to go to the heart Dr. today

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well today, I was really agitated. and I went to medical services at college, and the Dr. said I had tachycardia and its the second time this month Ive had it, so she told me to go to the heart Dr. to get an electrocardiogram, so I went and he check me and could not get a clean answer so he suggested to get an ecocardiogram and a 24 hour heart monitor... so Ill have to go back for that :thumbdown:
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Well do you have a family history of heart probs? You aren't overweight and are too young for serious problems due to inactivity. And I also hope that everything turns out alright, you'll be in my thoughts.
I have low b.p. too...typically that's a good thing :)
Breifly it is an ultrasound of the heart valves and the wall thicknesses. It also looks at the pericardium to see if it can locate scaring from old infections and such. It is noninvasive and quickly gives a diagnosis of valve defects. It will not replace an angiocath to look at the blood supply to the different parts of the heart. The electrocardiogram (EKG) looks at mostly the electrical impulses and determines if a part of the heart wall is damaged from prior blood clots or electrical conduction interuptions.
I was waiting for you to come give a good description....:cheers:

Glad to see you around, Blue.

How are things going with this, Belto? Have you seen the cardiologist yet?
Same here, I'm glad it's all working out. I'm sure you are going to be just fine, just take care of yourself. We want you around when Kyle founds the "Geriatric Jeepers" when we get old!!! :rofl:
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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