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had to go to the heart Dr. today

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well today, I was really agitated. and I went to medical services at college, and the Dr. said I had tachycardia and its the second time this month Ive had it, so she told me to go to the heart Dr. to get an electrocardiogram, so I went and he check me and could not get a clean answer so he suggested to get an ecocardiogram and a 24 hour heart monitor... so Ill have to go back for that :thumbdown:
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it take pictures of the heart, from diff angles,, to check more clearly for any probs,, thats what my mom told me, Ive never had one,,, so I can tell you more, the 5 of Nov.
thanx, I hope,,, my mom said that all this problems are bc I use to be an athelic and now I just work on the jeep and dont work out anymore,, not like Ive gotten fat,, I weight 134lbs and I am 5.8' feet, I used to weight 145lbs since Ive stop playing soccer Ive gone down on weight,, but IDK...
Well do you have a family history of heart probs? You aren't overweight and are too young for serious problems due to inactivity. And I also hope that everything turns out alright, you'll be in my thoughts.
nop, my grandma used to have low blood pressure, so do I, but the Dr. said that is ok,, bc im healthy,
I have an apointment on Nov 5
thanx Blue^^ I will
went to the Dr. today, and had my eco and holter , in the eco, the Dr. said I have premature heart beats.. and that right now he cant say from where its comming from, but the holter will tomorrow

I will post pics of all the damn wires I have taped to my body..
well, the Dr. said that it dependes what valve is premature the amount of attention it needs..

^^ the holter or monitor with all the taped cables. and camuflage undeware in honor of Vet day.. ( lol thats just a coincidence)
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^ You on that contraption for 24 hours and then when do you get the results. In other words when you gonna find out what's wrong.
tomorrow I hope
ok guys, sorry for keeping you waiting,, Ive been real busy with all this of the crazy tranny issue , well the Dr. said that my heart beat is normal, but it has some taquicarias but not big enough to be concerned, but that I have to be monitored bc if they go over 160 heart beats per minute I will need to see a electro physiologist and maybe get opereted on.. bc that would be a nerve that might be bad..
LOL no prob
well he said since im still young and that there is no serious rapid rates.. that not meds are necessary he will still monitor me and he said I need to start doing sports again, and stay away from stress full situations
I have a new car, I have a 06 cobalt remember
thanx blue,, he also show me how to check my rate per mins, and well that if it ever go over 150 to give him a call immediately to his personal cell
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