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Just got me an early Christmas HD PVR (or DVR as it is known by some) Anyway, Monday Night Football is soooo much better now that I'm watching it in High Definition...and the ability to pause the game to go to the can or get another beer just plain ROCKS!!!

Just thought I'd share...



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I recently bought 2 HD-PVR PCI express cards.

The first one would BLUE SCREEN each time I tried to scan new channels.

So I took it to my wife's computer and it works fine. Left it there. It has an analog tuner and a digital tuner.

I order another HD-PVR PCI express card, then I got the e-mail back from tech support saying their card wouldn't work with my SPECIFIC ASUS motherboard!!!!

Anyway I tried the 2nd card in my PC, it was a model one up from the first card. It has 2 analog and 2 digital tuners. Works fine. Man oh man that HD TV is CPU intensive.

The wife likes her tuner. She leaves it on the camera I have set up for the driveway all the time. lol
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