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Headlight problems... please help!!

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I have a 1999 jeep cherokee and the headlights work perfect on dim but when you flip them on bright they turn completely off. I put a new dimmer switch in it and still the same thing. Any ideas on whats wrong?
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Hello guys, In have a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Sport, my headlights have always seemed to not be very bright at night. I mentioned this to the Jeep dealership where I bought it new a few times, but of course they said nothing was wrong with them. Now 7 years later I definitely have trouble seeing well at night with the headlights. Would it help to change the bulbs? Should I put a different kind of bulb? The manual says replacement part is HIR2LL, its LED bulb.The lense cover is not scratched for foggy, I think its the bulbs. Help a gal out please?
My wife has a 2016 Cherokee which she bought new, and has never had an issue will her headlights. the low beams seem to cut off about 3'high. and the high beam shine plenty bright.
You may try to replace the bulbs.
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