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hello from sin city

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to introduce myself, hello from sin city nevada, my name is tim i have a 91 2 door, 4 inch junkyard lift, 33's, used as an adventure vehicle to get out and see all that i can. if your in the area let me know, i'm always looking to get out :rock:
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welcome to CT, nice xj btw, whats on your hood?
Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing you around:cheers:
Welcome to CT from COS!!:cheers:
now how can i beat all these fancy welcome guys!!! i cant win!! but they are a great touch jeepthing i like it!

welcome to CT from canada
Welcome to CT!
Welcome to CT!
We just moved to oregon from vegas. Where you at there. I lived on alta & durango
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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