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High pitched noise in one of the front wheels

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So I have an 2004 Cherokee Laredo limited edition, (whatever that means) rear wheel drive. (Not a 4 wheel) it has the 4.0 strait 6. I guess it was the last year of the 2nd generation Cherokees??? (Correct me if I'm wrong on that)...
I just recently got it because I know a couple people that's had one and they run forever. Both people I know that's had one only had to get rid of them because the body or frame rusted out while the engine and transmission still run great at over 350k miles. And I've never heard anyone that's owned any kind of Jeep say they hated it. So I came across one with 162k miles on it at a good price, that had absolutely no rust anywhere, not even the wheel wells, rocker panels, door mounts/hinges, or any of the frame bolts. No rust at all. The trailing arms, cross members, spring and strut mounts, everything underneath still has white paint on it. So I had to have it. I've always been a GM guy, but I really love this jeep. I needed a good SUV because I run maintenance for 2 apartment complexes in the inner city (the hood) and needed a vehicle that I can lock up all my tools in and also be able to handle the job, carrying heavy material on and off pavement, and all the miles. I travel 45 miles one way to work everyday, and from everything I've learned about vehicles since I was old enough to drive, the Cherokee is the best option for what I need.

Anyway, today it started making this high pitched noise in one of the front wheels, it doesn't start making the noise until I get over 10-15mph, doesn't do it in park or idle, when it's making that noise, and it doesn't matter if the transmission is in neutral or drive. It only gets higher pitched the faster the wheels turn. Engine speed doesn't affect it. That's why I think it's coming from one of the front wheels. (Front right to be exact.) And it always stops making the noise when I get below 10 mph. I'm worried it may be the wheel bearing, but most of the wheel bearings I've replaced in the past on any type of vehicle have always had a low pitched, grinding type noise, or loose wheel movement. I've never heard a high pitched squealing noise like this. I've worked on several vehicles in the past and I know that usually high pitched squeals are transmission related noises. And I'm pretty sure this isn't coming from the tranny. I don't want to start throwing money and parts on it till I know what it is. I don't wanna play that guessing game again. Has anyone else had this issue??? Please let me know what you figured out.

Side question--- Is the radiator cooling fan relay and the oil pressure sending unit going bad a common issue with the Cherokees? And can anyone inform me of any and all common issues with the 1996-2004 Cherokees other than the death wobble? I've already fixed that issue.
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