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Howdy for the good side of the good washington

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I just acquired a early XJ
I havent got it in my hands yet but I am foaming at the mouth to get it home and start playing
This is my first jeep of any type but I have had many toyota 4X4 PUs
hope to learn a lot about these rigs
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Howdy and welcome to the sickness!!

We have a lot of members on here, but the regulars are a plethora of knowledge. and skill.

Check out mi sig for some very interesting reading to get your mouth watering while you wait. And let me be the first to tell ya:


A great group of guys (and gals) who love to have fun. enjoy. since I am not shy and rather proud of my 96, here is a poser:


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I have neon injectors, only noticeable thing is a better throttle response. Didn't notice any more "power" :D

Most go with S10 springs for a bastard pack. dodge van may be too stiff.

I swapped my cluster and had to change oil pressure and temp sensor. In my case, my stock cluster had lower miles (85K) then the replacement (137K). Basically, I'm actually 50K lower than the new cluster. FWIW, I took a sharpie and marked on the back of the new cluster with the old cluster mileage, the current mileage on the new cluster and the date. That way if I ever needed to reference it in the future, I know where to find it. Just my OCD.
Dang! Nice. You should investigate searching for a lost title. You may have less than 50 bucks in getting a title. then flip it for 2 grand. woodys are rare.
I need a shifter so I came up with these

I like the black one what do yall think
I prefer the "natural" one. It will be black soon enough anyhow!

BTW, "the death twinkie" I love it! :32:
check the firewall above the master cylinder. there is a ceramic resistor for the fuel pump. bypass it and see if that fixes it.
yes, a missing vacuum reservoir means a major vacuum leak. It is used to store vacuum when the engine is in a low vacuum state , under heavy load or WOT. The vehicle will use vacuum for braking assist and heater controls. The ECM uses it to monitoring the engine operations.
Woot Woot! Glad you got it! :boogie:
1 - 8 of 102 Posts
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