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Howdy for the good side of the good washington

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I just acquired a early XJ
I havent got it in my hands yet but I am foaming at the mouth to get it home and start playing
This is my first jeep of any type but I have had many toyota 4X4 PUs
hope to learn a lot about these rigs
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Welcome. Most of us can't wait to get home so we can play with it
Of course I mean my xj. What else would I be talking about? Lol
Zj rear springs will net you about 2-3 inches of front lift
Damn 102? Thought they came factory with 200k. Lol
Pfft. Should you lift it? Duh. Lol. It'll handle 30s no problem.
I did too. I used to be a gm man. Now all ill own is a jeep.
No. That's sorta rare. Especially with no rust. How much did you pick it up for if you don't mind me asking
Hmm.... $150 no title? May be a good deal if it runs and is rust free
I see a woody every day.

Seriously. There's a guy that sells stuff on a corner near me in an 89 woody xj
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You didn't get it?
1 - 10 of 102 Posts
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