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Hurricane IKE laid me off.

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I've been working from home since hurricane Ike. Week after week they announce that the call center in Houston remains down. They called a meeting today at 10am. Turns out the building will not reopen in any reasonable time frame so my company is closing operations in Houston.

Everyone has been laid off.

They have a very nice package for us. I'm still an employee through December 31st, I just don't have to work for the money.
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In my group there is a director, a manager, two supervisors and 6 operators.

I was one of the supervisors.

About 3 months ago a new manager joined the group. She spoke to me a couple of times disrespectfully. I checked with the other supervisor and he didn't have any issues with her, so I figured one of two things.

1) She is a piss poor manager.
2) They wanted me to leave.

I really didn't like the job anyway. I have many years in systems and network management, and this was more like computer operations, boring and not very challenging.

So I started looking for another job. Currently I am 3 interviews into a job and hopefully the final one will be this week.
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Wow that sucks, what do you plan on doing?
I think I'm about a week away from a job offer. If it works out I'll be working one job and getting two paychecks. :D

If I had turned in my two weeks notice prior to today, I wouldn't have received a package.

CAN YOU SAY JEEP PARTS?!?!?! woohoo!

Please don't start hating me until I get the new job though.
Geez, that sucks. Looks like it may turn out to be a good situation in the end, though? I am pretty uninformed about this sort of thing...if you get a new job, you still get the severance pay from your former job, right?
Correct. Well they are doing several things.

1) Continue to pay me through Dec. 31st.
2) Severance pay
3) Vacation pay
4) Insurance (health, dental, Vision, etc...)
Final interview set up for next Tuesday! :thumbsup:
Did the final "lunch" interview. Seriously it was at a Chinese restaurant.

The hiring manager was telling me that they'd try to have a decision in 24 hours. I was opening my fortune cookie at the time. I told the group (4 of them). "No need, it says right here..." "Welcome to HP!"

I was looking very serious as I showed them the paper from the cookie.

After a couple of seconds they all started laughing.

I got the word yesterday, I'm in.

I'm actually working for a company that has a contract with HP, but I am a perm full time employee with this company.

First step complete. Now I need to get a few certifications. You never know these days what will put you out of work.

I was VERY lucky to get this job so quickly.
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