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I might paint my jeep soon

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well I really dont like the forest green color,,, and also my hood is all mess up on the paint, and my roof well it has seen better days,, the only places the paint is good, and I like when the sun hits are the sides,, but normaly my jeep looks black rather than green,,

I was thinking of painting it a flat olive green but I dont have the money to do it cmpletely now,, I want to get the tires first..and fix the brake stuff and the leaking Power stearing .. but Im tired of looking a the faded paint on my hood. so I was thinking.. I all ready bedlined the bumpers, lower quarter panel and the rear quarter panel,, so I could, paint flat black the grill, hood, and roof, its cheaper than bedliner and it looks about the same in color tone..

I would leave the sides green and the rear hatch too.. but in an other future will paint that too flat olive green,,,

what do you guys think... I am also debating to paint the lower part of the rear hatch black. but IDK about that,,
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OD green is a very common color and IMO is a good choice because if you scratch it all you need to do is touch it up with a rattle can. I say go for it:thumbsup:
So how long until you think your going to be able to do this belto?
well the hood and roof, right after I get the tires,,, maybe for xmas break.. and the rest,, well firt Ill need to fix a leaky power stearing and a loud anoing AC

or if I get bored and well just decide to do it before the tires,, you guys will know, Ill post it up,, just need a sunny day :)
Looking forward to seeing it:cheers:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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