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I really like the members here

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really, the way I feel is that, if I ever were to go to any of you guys state,, and have any kind of problem, I can count on you guys to extend a hand and help,, do you know what I mean,,

like I can feel that you guys are straight foward guys, IDK if I sound crazy,, but its a good feeling here with you guys,, and I apreciate that..

thanx Kyle for bringing that feeling back to me..:thumbsup::cheers:
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Well cousin whats shaking???
Actually I'm not quite as old as Jeep but close. And I have all my favorite grandKIDS around seems so nice. Now you children go play with your toys(XJs) and have fun!!
You're a good boy Nicky now go play and be nice to the other children!! Be careful of cousin Stryker he can be rude sometimes but he means no harm.
thats whats the cool thing about you blue, for your age.. you really get along with kids my age.. around 20 ....
Thanks son, I try!!
Thanks belto, know what ya mean, the best part is i'm not a mod anymore and I can cuss and post questionable material.
Like being a mod stopped you before??
I am comforted by seeing you here jon no matter what you may think of me. You are a great fabricator and a great guy too.
This is about the most dysfunctional band of low-life degenerate scum I've ever had the displeaure of consorting with. Man I love you guys!

Now somebody hurry up and make fun of somebody before this thread gets too
I think one of your squirrels has eaten the others nuts and is headed for the one that is behind the wheel. That what you mean you degenerate?
sucks man,, the whole world is crashing down,, its ARMAGENDON...
No it's Wall Street.
Numbers wasn't that a program on TV or a Movie?
Numbers wasn't that a program on TV or a Movie?
it is call NUMB3RS to be more precise and it is a TV show on Friday night. Good show.
Remember seeing the ads but never watched it. Thought the ads were possibly for a movie and fast forwarded right through them.

Thanks Stryker
1 - 9 of 34 Posts
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