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So I spend a lot of time stalking Craigslist, Ebay, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and anywhere else I can think of to find the last pieces that I want for my '00.
Being kind of retired I have the time to do this.

So in an effort to give back I have been wanting to start this thread for sometime now.
I figure I am looking for myself and am there anyway.
So if you are looking for something post here. Maybe you get lucky and I come across it.

I am already trying to help out a few people and have helped a few.
You guys know who you are.
My memory not being what it was I have saved PM's for you guys so I know who and what part.
You have no idea how many times I have come across something and spend hours trying to remember who was looking for that part. LOL.
Thing is my PM box is getting pretty full and if you guys could tell me again here I could clean it up a little. MLOL

So how I think this will work.
Post here with what you are looking for. Give me as much info as you can about the part.
Picture of, part number if you have it, anything that will let me know that I might be looking at the right part if I come across it.
Figure this will be on a first come/first serve basis. In case 2 people happen to be looking for the same part.
If I happen across what you are looking for I will PM you instead of post it here.
If you are not interested in it, for whatever reason (price to high, quality not there, etc) let me know.
Cause if 2 people happen to be looking for the same part I will PM the next guy.
If you find the part before I do if you could just let me know that would be great.

Now for the disclaimer.
No guarantee that I will find what you are looking for.
I have nothing to do with the sale.
If I find it will just be PM'ing you a link.
Whether it is the correct part, the quality of it, if the pricing is right, finding out if the seller will ship, etc, is on you to determine.
Some leads might be more general.
In other words you are looking for an interior part for an '00 and I find a listing where this guy says he has all sorts of interior parts for '84 to '01 XJ's but does not specifically list what he has.
I am still going to PM you a link. Do what you want with the info.

The one exception to the disclaimer.
I make the occasional boneyard trip.
When I actually need something that I am hoping to find or sometimes just to look around.
If I happen to come across what somebody wants I will let you know that is the case.
I would be more then happy to grab the part and ship it.
I am not, repeat not, trying to make money here.
Just want the costs to be covered.
If this is the case I will need an email address. Cause I will want to send you detailed pictures.
If you don't like the quality of the part or the price that is fine.
I don't want anybody to feel obligated in anyway if I do grab something from the boneyard for them.
If you like what you see and are OK with the price will get a shipping quote.
If you are OK with that then we will go forward.
Once you get the part I need you to be 100% happy.
I would rather take a beating then having you mad at me.
I will make it right.
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