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Im not playing the waste money on parts guessing game… help please!

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I bought a 1999 4x4 XJ sport 4.0 recently. It ran great other than a few seconds of sputtering every now and then when first starting. But temperature hand started moving up a little more
Each day until it finally spiked and
Boiled over.
i flushed entire system about 4 times, heater core and all.
REPLACED: water pump, ect, E-Fan. Radiator Cap and thermostat with new factory parts.
Nothing helped anything problem just got worse and now the engine light
Came on with codes for TPS, and oxygen sensor (which is unplugged I thought cat was clogged.
It will start if you stomp the gas while cranking sometimes a few
Minutes before it fires up. Will
Not idle at all. Seems like its
Not getting enough gas it like I’m running out everytime I drive it I can’t let it
Run no longer than 3-5 minutes before it bogs down and dies like its
Out of fuel. Temperature hand does stay in the ok zone but is definitely getting hot cause valve cover is sizzling and everything is steaming including pcv valve air
Box is hot. Seem like its
Building to much pressure until it kills its self out. I can let it set several minutes, let the pressure
Off the radiator and start it
Up and go
Another 3-5 minutes before
It bogs and sputters out. It sputters from the time it starts just gets worse and weaker. All fluids are new and good/clean.
Can a TPS cause this much trouble???
Can’t afford to keep buying
Parts new I’m going to get some
Sensors off a
Parts xj that runs fine and perfect just has bad frame rust. If i
Drive it until it completely dies i
Can hear a small pinging/knocking but it goes
Away when I restart it figured it’s something to do with the over pressured coolant system idk. Hope someone
Can help that’s had the same
Issues thanks
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ok, let's take a step back and get some details. Water pump, t-stat, cap, electric fan are all new. When you had the water pump off, what did the block look like inside? Was it clean shiny metal, or rusty? Is the fan clutch working? what codes (actual #) have you gotten? It has 2 o2 sensors. 1 at the y-pipe and 1 after the cat. how old is the air filter, plugs and wires? Have you done a compression check? a blown head gasket, or cracked head would show up with a compression test. If you have a OBD 2 scanner, you can graph the sensors and see if any are not within spec.
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