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This is where I and it started, I had no idea at the time what it would become.

The next step was Rough Country 3.5 lift kit.

Then some reverse lights, half doors and 31's.

Sooner or later, I added a bumper and winch.

For protection, I've stuck with an early plan of a second cross member and some plating.

The Jeep stayed on 31's for several years.

But then it became time for 35's.


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Which to me meant a HP D44 with a Ford 9 inch, and a couple extra inches of lift. (Rough Country 4.5 coils with ACOS. DPG 5.5 leafs and 1.5 shackles)

And you might as well go all out.

Flat top Dedenbear knuckles, TNT Truss, Detroit locker, and hydro assist.

And for the 9 inch, a True HI-9 third member, Ford 8.8 brakes and a Detroit locker.

And since the half doors take up too much room, I made tube doors.

And most recently the fuel tank has been moved up, away from the rocks.

Next I have plans for a halo cage and boatsides kinda like these..

And sooner or later a 231/231 doubler for the t-case..

I'll post up as I get more done. And if you see anything you're wondering about in my photos, just ask.


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The specs-
Just to get them all in one post...

Engine Specifications:
4.0 H.O. with 200K + miles
Dual batteries
Electric Fan On Switch
Hood vents

Drive Train:
AW4 with HD cooler.
NP 231 C-J Transfercase
o Stock Jeep housing with the internals from a Chevy S-10
Front axle from a 1979 Ford F-150
o Detroit Locker with 5.13 gears
o TNT Customs D44HP truss system and axle side control arm mounts
o Dedenbear Knuckles
o BTF Hi Steer Arms
o PSC Hydraulic assisted steering
Rear axle from a 1979 Ford F-150
o Detroit Locker with 5.14 gears
o True High 9 third member
o Bluetouch Fab True High 9 skid plate
o Ford 8.8 disk brakes
Longview Driveshafts front and rear.

Suspension, wheels & tires:
RE Drop brackets.
RE Upper and Lower Control arms.
Rough Country 4.5 coils.
DPG Offroad 5.5 leafs with 1.5 shackles.
620 Fab steering arms and Track bar with 620 Fab Track bar bracket.
15x8 Crager Black D-Window Wheels.
35x12.5x15 Goodyear MTRs.
Bilstein 5125 Shocks.

Dog seat belt.
40 Channel CB.
C02 On Board Air.

JCR Front bumper with Superwinch.
620 Fab rear bumper.
Fenders Trimmed & Quarters Folded.
620 Fab rocker panel replacement box sliders.
TNT Frame Stiffeners.
Second cross member skid plate.
Gas tank moved into the floor. (maybe an interior mod?)
620 Fab Half doors.
620 Fab Tube doors.

Coming soon:
620 Fab Halo cage.
620 Fab Boat sides.
New seats and belts.
New Fuel tank skid.
New 620 Fab rear bumper.

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