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Just need to vent....very upset

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I know it really don't matter on here but I just need to let something out. I went out to visit parents tonight and all was going well till about 10 minutes before we left when Mom informed me that the week of Thanksgiving we are putting my Black Lab to Sleep. She is 14 years old and has a very large Tumor in her rear and can barely walk or go "potty". I got her when I was 16 and she was just a tiny puppy. Me and her have a LONG loving relationship and have been through hell and back togeather. She was my hunting buddy for a good 10 years and it saddened me greatly the year I asked if she was ready for the first hunt of the season and she just looked at me and layed down. I knew then she was retired and have just became the good pet she always was and that was it. Mom told me that since I brought her home if I want to I can take her to the vet the final time. My heart has sank tonight and I am having a hard time dealing with the limited time I have left with Midnite. Yes I know I have anoughter dog now but Midnite has been so much to me, A friend, a Hunting buddy, a familey member, my BEST Friend. Every time I look at her now my eyes water. She will be the second dog we put down this year as my moms 16 year old Cocker was put down back in January also due to illness and old age. I guess I will close this post with an apologie for posting about this as I know it's not the place and post a pic of my beloved Midnite. Thanks for allowing me to vent


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That really sucks, just remember the good times you had together..
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