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Kamo build

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I recently purchased a 1996 xj sport and set off on a budget toy to tinker and offroad with.

-cracked exhaust manifold
-oil leak from oil filter adapter
-possibly oil leak from rear main
-interior lights don't work
-power locks don't work
-power mirrors don't work
-window seals
-door seals
-check engine light

Parts I already have or on order:
-APN headers(qc hold)
-oil filter adapter o rings
-rear main seal
-thermostat/radiator hoses
-serpentine belt
-window seals/door seals
-motor mounts
- after cat oxygen sensor (check engine light)
-Ome 3" lift(coils, leaves, shocks, stabiliser damper, quick disco sbe)
-adventuro 31x10.5x15 (they were cheap)
-fuel filter, oil filter, spark plugs

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Where I am at as far as parts replaced:
- fixed the temperature gauge (disco sensor)
-spray painted the hood and pass side bare metal showing
-replaced window seals
-replaced spark plugs
-attempted at breaking the bolt on oil filter adapter, no luck.
-started on lift

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Front came out fairly easy. Didn't need a strut spring compressor to take it out but definitely needed it putting the new ones in. No broke bolts, no power tools. I sprayed pb blaster on all the bolts I saw earlier that week. I installed the steering stabilizer when I had everything out and that was a bit of a pain but the pitman arm puller and pb blaster did the trick..

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I started on the rear today while waiting to figure out what shocks are going in it and got the rear shocks out clean with no broken bolts.

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I loosened the bolts on the rear leave springs, those bolts were interesting and I haven't gotten the leaf out yet. Apparently, you must remove the shackle bc the bolt for the rear eye is too long soo.. I started working on that and it was uncooperative so I sprayed all that with pb blaster and I'll come back to it when I get more time (I really only have time to work on it when the family is asleep or weekends assuming they aren't interrupting me or having me run them on errands.. )

This jeep has been in west texas an has very little rust which has been awesome. I've not encountered any issues with broken bolts but I still have a few left to take care of. So that's where I am at in this.
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So this is where I'm stuck. Rear leave spring shackle bolt. Went to take the leave spring off and surprise! It's too long to pull out.. so the shackle needs to come off, I've gotten it to turn a couple times as you can see but this thing is beastly. starting to strip the bolt. Kept poppin when I was putting my back into that breaker bar. Alreafy pb blastered it lastnight and this morning after moving it a 1/8-1/4 turn.. Any ideas?

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Moving on.. I finagled that bolt out twisting it enough round the fuel tank to pull it out.. next problem. Who the hell thought of having customers install the leave spring bushings should be fired...

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I tried the prybar/screwdriver way with no luck. Im going to home depot to make a makeshift press w a threaded bar, nuts and floor mount for pipe. I may also freeze them to make sure the lil suckers go in easier and grease them up.
My largest socket is a 7/8". I don't have a large tool collection but it seems to be growing through this project. Haha. I figure it'd be less than 20$ and im sure it'd cost that to have a machine shop press them in..
The leaf spring came with 3" kit from jeepinoutfitters so im not sure how much they are individually.

The press I made worked pretty good. I got the idea from another thread possibly on another site.. Greased it up a lil after freezing them and squeezed it till it was close on the other side and used a dead blow to pound that bad boy the rest of the way in there.. I hit it alot and hard.. dead blow head was pretty hot.

I'm working on getting the rear done as fast as I can to get it on the ground and see the height in the front to figure out the right shocks. (I can only work when my kids are sleeping..) I'm pretty sure the long travel shocks are going to be it but I could only measure with it on jacks and jacking the front axle up (inaccurate). So, working diligently on getting the rear end wrapped up. I think the regular shocks should be fine for the back as there is no aal or drop bracket as well as the leaves..
Sooo I have the passenger side leaf in, working on driver side leaf now.. this is the "makeshift press" I used for the eye bushings.

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Note.. the makeshift press is only a one time use I guess.. threads stripped out.

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So I moved on to my old trusty red... thankfully I got it started before all the usable threads were gone..

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Very true.. but I beat the pig snot outta those things.. at one point I was wondering if the bushings will suffer from my beatings.. haha eventually I figured out a good angle to lay the leaves on the ground (eye on the concrete instead of propped up off the concrete), 3 wacks late and done.. now just gotta wiggle the old bolts and leaf out and put this one in, put u bolts on and drop it down to measure the fronts distance to see which shocks to go with..
The second one is always easier.. having some trouble lining the leaf center pin and hole up in this one as well.. haven't gotten it in this side quite yet but both leavves are in.

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So no shocks in front or rear, center pins are in slot on leaves and im at 23" in rear. Started at 17.5".

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I loosened the shackle enough for it to move but I haven't tightened it yet. 5.5" is the difference feom before and now. Im sure it'll come down as they are broken in.. I am just setting it on the ground now to get measurements in front to see the amount of play I would have with the shocks that came with it.. (2" at ride height before topping out)
Not sure on * but here is a pic of the passenger side shackle.

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They are nearly verticle. The shackle bolts need to be tightened as well as leaf eye bolts. The rear was dropped on the ground and tires havent moved. I think it'll change a little once the tires have adjusted to being on the ground. What should I check for that may be messed up or wrong? There are no shocks yet so it'll be going back up in the air.
Also I think the front on stands may be lower and not at the same pivoting point as axle, causing it to be slightly higher than if the front wheels were on and it was on the ground. Work in progress I guess.
Not that I'm aware of. Arrow pointing front, large eye in front. Correct?
I kept checking that to make sure bc I've heard that you CAN reverse them for extra flex or something but I feel like they were engineered this way for a reason.. anything else to check? Im not really going to worry tooo terribly much until it's got all fours on ground and I drive it up the road and back. if it's still sitting weird then I'll worry. However, if there is anything I can check to make sure of now, I will definitely do that. Kinda like A coil spring goes on drivers side and B spring is passenger side.. or arrow faces the non shackle end. Very hard to find important tips. Haha.
These are suppise to be 3" springs. I expected 4-4.5 initially but not 5.5...cs033rb are the rear leaves.
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