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King Of The Pit is coming around again...anybody going to check it out...or maybe enter?

K.O.T.P. 4
Mr. Tuna (BC Jeep Club) said:
will be held on MAY 2nd. start time 11 am.

pup class...stock too 35"

dawg class...36-40

big dawg class... 40" plus

10 dollar entry fee. any monies left over will be submitted too the Kahler family or their choice of charity.

lets go have some fun...even if ya dont enter.. watching is a riot.

its a lil fun competition that Heavy Metal puts on. a timed race one truck at a time.. fastest time wins. its at stave lake..this yr will be across the creek bed...

here are some pics of the redbull truck... full dj booth and lcd tv's...the truck is an old volvo...

come on out and have some fun.. either entering or watching...

here is a link too the facebook group with all the info on there...

and heres a few pics i took from K.O.T.P #3

Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon!


Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

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