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Lazy shift 2000 Jeep XJ 4x4 transmission

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My 2000 Jeep XJ is experiencing a lazy shift from First gear to Second gear. It’s not slipping, but has a 5 second pause before a positive shift.
I’m confident it doesn’t need a full rebuild.
Anyone here have experience with a good kit that could cure the lazy shift response?
Mike R
Tulalip Washington
35 Miles Northwest of
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I would suggest a transmission filter swap and while you are there, replace the shift solenoids. Can be done for less than 100 bucks, plus the cost of your new ATF, if you can do it yourself.
Yeah, Pavlov, you can do it for really cheap off of the big online sellers or you can spend a little more for something more reputable; sometimes cheap Jeep parts workout and other times, they are completely wrong or don’t work at all… XJ owners who keep their Jeeps rolling know how it goes. Lol
1 - 3 of 26 Posts