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Lazy shift 2000 Jeep XJ 4x4 transmission

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My 2000 Jeep XJ is experiencing a lazy shift from First gear to Second gear. It’s not slipping, but has a 5 second pause before a positive shift.
I’m confident it doesn’t need a full rebuild.
Anyone here have experience with a good kit that could cure the lazy shift response?
Mike R
Tulalip Washington
35 Miles Northwest of
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My 94 XJ does same thing for the first few minutes, you have to feather the throttle, it shifts normal through the upper ratios. After 5 minutes it is warm and works very well. It has 303k miles on drive train. I had flushed with new fluid (bucket to drain trans cooler line when running. Stop and pour in more clean fluid and run again , repeat until color looks fresh, included a quart of some miracle transmission rebuild in a can. It was 11 quarts before it went from dark brown to acceptable red. Helps a little bit still has hitch as noted above. The solenoids, O rings and seal rings are probably just hard and not doing a good. Time for an LS conversion, got my money’s worth out of that one.
Sounds like you have tried all the possibilities. A transmission shop I spoke with said it was time to rebuild. Seals and o rings when old causes all sort of issues but a lazy shift is a good clue. I will keep running mine until I do the LS conversion. I only drive the XJ maybe 2000 miles a year.
I am right there with you on the lists. Mine was worth it as there was no rust at all. Good luck
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