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2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport, basically stock other than a 2” lift and a rear tire gate
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I’m having a transmission shop do the work. They are very dependable.
Flush the the trans and converter, Then new survos and and Orings, new trans filter, then add a trans cooler just because. Fill with new fluid.
I may have to look at hood vents to reduce engine temperature under the hood compartment.
Mike Root
Tulalip Washington
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2001 Cheep Jerokee XJ 2WD Automatic 4-Door
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Yeah, Pavlov, you can do it for really cheap off of the big online sellers or you can spend a little more for something more reputable; sometimes cheap Jeep parts workout and other times, they are completely wrong or don’t work at all… XJ owners who keep their Jeeps rolling know how it goes. Lol
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