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Truly one of the marvels of modern times was the creation of the incandescent light bulb. I'm sure we've all see the film with Spencer Tracey playing Thomas Edison and all the failed attempts to create the light bulb.

Now a new generation has created a new light bulb, one that doesn't waste as much electricity in the form of heat. A cool bright light, the Light Emitting Diode, LED.

There is two truly beautiful things about LEDs. One they use 1/10th the electricity of a traditional bulb, and second they give off a white light more to wards the blue end of the spectrum than the yellow of traditional bulbs.

I recently changed out my incandescent dome lights for white LEDs. Liking the color and the sharpness I then change the kick panel lights for LEDs.

Here is how I did it.

At the time I only had one source for LED replacements, it was RoundEyes. Since that time I have found another source with a different type of dome LED light replacement at Autolumination. Scroll down until you see the 48, 36, 24 LED arrays.

After removing the front dome light assembly you'll see the stock bulb.

The roundeyes LED matrix array comes with an assortment of adapters for multiple types of bulbs.

In this picture I have the original bulb with the wires at each end circled. This is a problem as the closest adapter that comes with the LED doesn't have these little wires.

Here is the adapter, with the LED plugged into it. I really thought this would work with a lift kit and larger tires bouncing the rig around. Well it didn't last very long before it fell out.

I broke out the soldring iron and attached two copper wire loops around each end of the adapter.

Here is the adapter in the original bulb location, and the LED matrix in position. What you cannot see here is a bit of sticky tape foam that is placed from the roof to the bottom of the LED to hold it in place and in the center of the dome light enclosure.

The only thing left is to slide the dome light housing back in place and enjoy the LED light.



I still need to do the map/reading light.

Well I like the LED very much, but I wasn't sure if I REALLY liked it until I had the wifey come out and tell me. As it turns out we both REALLY like it very much. :bow:

So... I ordered a second LED array for the rear dome light (CARGO).

Cargo Dome Light LED Replacement

The cargo housing it a little different, but better. Carefully pry out the housing.

As you can see the LED adapter fits perfectly in place. No little wires needed.

I placed some of the sticky tape on the adapter and housing to hold the LED in place.

Here it is stuck in place.

And here we have the completed LED conversion.

The wife liked these so much she wanted the one in her Mustang changed. I still haven't done it yet.

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Kick Panel LED replacements.

This is SOOOO easy. Simply remove the stock bulbs from the two kick panel locations, and replace with a 9 or 15 LED bulb. I chose NOT to replace the little plastic covers, and frankly I don't think it would fit anyway.

I got these replacements from autolumintaion (BA15's if I remember correctly. Be sure and pull your OEM bulb and get the part number from it so you can get the correct LED replacement.)

There wasn't a lot to this installation so I just have this one pitiful picture.

Total cost for this project was $90, plus shipping and about 1 hour of my time.

It is pricey but not only is it a real pleasure to have a white bright light to see things, it is also a "GEE WIZ!" from people that notice them.
They don't always say something, but you'll notice them take a pause bend down and look directly at them, then continue talking. lol

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More LED replacements coming.

Map/Reading lights
Dash lights
Glove Box light (yes I have one)
Auto gear shift and transfer case shift position indicator
Center console lights
Vanity Mirrors (maybe)

Tail lights
Running lights
Turn signal lights
3rd brake light
License plate light
Turn signal light

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so.... when do you plan on mass produce and sell this.? you can make a few buck on ebay
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