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Lift issues

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I have a 3 1/2 lift and it's good and all but I got it in the air yesterday to do my exhaust and I noticed both lower control arms and swinging towards the driver side. My question is, has anyone had this issue and how did u align the front axel to fix it. I tried aligning it on the machine but the lower control arms wouldn't budge when loosened. Lmk
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Welcome to the world of lifted Jeeps. Everyone that has lifted an XJ, YJ, ZJ or WJ has run into this unless there is a new track bar in the kit. It is that bar on your front axle that goes from the frame to the axle. As the axle drops it swings toward the driver side. You should make adjustments in the length. It is best to get an adjustable one. Bear in mind that when you let it down it will go more to the passenger side, but if you use the old track bar the axle will not be centered properly. It is important to take care of the axle being centered with the weight on it so your tires won't start cupping
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