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I know finding deletes and tuning was a lot easier 7 or 8 years back when I had my BNW X5 35d was a lot easier and esker took find the options you wanted. In my BMW I had an “off-road” delete and tune which just meant it passed the OBD2 emissions inspection because all 11 monitors showed ready. Unfortunately that company only tunes German diesels. In Mass diesels under 8,500 pounds that are 2003 year model or newer only have to do an obd port emissions test to make sure all 11 monitors are reedy. No smog or tailpipe test unless it is visibly smoking as they pull it into the bay. Not once have any of the automotive techs doing my inspection lookedbti make sure inhale all my emissions parts (but that I wouldn’t be to worried about with doing a full delete because the DOC, DPF, and SCR are all in the same same spot and look like a down pipe on the WK2 ED anyways). So I am looking to see if anyone knows or a full emissions delete/ tune that they set the 11 monitors to ready so it will pass the obd test and I don’t have to worry about my engine life being drastically lowered and so I can get even better fuel mileage since diesel is at all time record highs. So yeah I know they are a lot less accessible than 8 years ago since the government cracked down but does anyone know of a tune that sets the monitors to ready?
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