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I've got a '04 Ford Taurus with the 3.0L v6. My wife came home last evening and I noticed the lights were flickering, and the engine was idling kinda rough. I pulled th cover off the airbox and when I would get my finger about 1" away from the MAF sensor the car would want to die. If I got my finger any closer it would die.

I also was hearing a noise kind of like a sucking/gurgling sound when the engine was idling rough, and when I got my finger close to the sensor. It was the sound of the engine starting to die. When it didn't make the sound it idled fine, and the headlights didn't flicker. I guess the headlights flickering was because the alternator wasn't turning fast enough when it was idling rough.

Does this sound like a MAF problem? I bought some MAF cleaner and will clean the sensor tomorrow and see if that stops the problem.

Any opinions?

&*%#@& Fords any how!:devil:
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